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April 7, 2009

Retirement of this site.

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Well, despite a huge interest to continue to interview printmakers, I’ve found that my commitments are too many, and keeping me from this, and several other personal interests.  So with regret, I won;t be updating this blog anytime soon with additional interviews.  I must thank Dave Bruner for his willingness to be interviewed and his patience waiting for me to set up the actual interview.

Please check out his website to see the amazing large detailed woodcuts that he does.


July 4, 2008

Erik Waterkotte

I recently attended an exhibition at the SNAP Gallery, here in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, that I found very inspiring. The mixed-print-media works of Erik Waterkotte drew me back to the gallery several times to view and ponder. Luckily, he was receptive to my request for an interview in two stages. This interview is mashed together from an email exchange and a subsequent telephone interview:

So what’s on your plate this week?

I am continuing to develop the series of prints you saw at the SNAP show along with another set of 6 prints for a show I have coming up in November.

So do you prefer to work on one or many images at the same time?

I prefer to work on several things at the same time. I kind of view it as a series and mostly that’s so I can kind of learn things from one endeavor to the next. I might try one thing on one image and it may go so-so, but then I can experiment and vary different processes on each image.


June 3, 2008

Plates, Presses, Prints, and Printmakers

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Welcome printmakers and everyone else interested in printmaking! The concept of this blog grew out of my own interest and development in printmaking, but also out of my day job as an analyst, where I spend a great deal of my time interviewing others regarding their business processes.

“So What’s On Your Plate?” will feature bimonthly interviews of inspiring printmakers, working in various printmaking media. It is intended, first and foremost, to inspire and inform printmakers and potential printmakers. It must also provide exposure of the interviewed artists to an audience that may be interested in their artwork or services – buyers, collectors, reviewers, galleries, and students. And finally, it should inform the public regarding printmaking.

Check back later this month for the first interview! I hope you’ve got something on your plate…

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